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Volunteer Abroad In India Programs
Immerse yourself in the friendly Indian culture of Asia during your volunteer trip to India. We will take the opportunity to share our lives and assist with a variety of humanitarian projects while visiting several unique destinations throughout the area with the Indian national youth, orphans and adults that we work with or come in contact with.

Most of our programs are a combination of work and travel so that participants will see the real India by staying here 1, 2 & 4 weeks. Some volunteers will have accommodations arranged at local host family while so that participants can know more about Indian culture, tradition, festivals and its society.  In spare time also have time to work with local community, like elephant care, English and computer teaching classes to rural children.

Your main project purposes will be varied, as well as, helping with outreaches to the orphans and poor on the streets, helping with ministry orphanages and several other opportunities. With some teaching, community projects, orphanage projects, you will not only provide much needed support, but greatly encourge the children and adults alike.  With time to see the local sites, experience the Indian culture of this area, their diverse cultures, you will have the experance of a lifetime.

Our Volunteer in India Projects work with existing, initiatives, ensuring that all projects and community involvement is ongoing and sustainable. CCA Volunteer Projects are suited to individuals or groups wishing to volunteer on a slightly longer basis (1 – 12 weeks). We offer a ‘hand-up’, not a ‘hand-out’ approach to serving the needs of surrounding communities, to ensure that our programs develop maturity and freedom, not dependency.  All volunteers are ‘guided’ through the volunteer experience by committed, on-the-ground with our partner staff.
India Volunteer Projects:
Volunteering in India takes you one step further into the true character of this intriguing vast and diverse country than the average visitor.  Immerse yourself in the friendly Indian culture of Asia during your cultural trip to Northwestern India. We will take the opportunity to share our lives and culture while visiting several unique destinations throughout the country. With this cross cultural adventure, we will visit famous Indian sites and volunteer with several projects in the area. 

The activities done by volunteers in our projects are primarily connected with education and child care in various institutions that we have identified as appropriate for volunteers. We constantly seek expansion of the positive influence of the programs by including new activities that can engage volunteers in gainful activities for the local population.
  • Education and child care are the most common activities that we offer.
  • Volunteer/community work activities during stay in Jaipur include:
  • Work in Musical College with Blind and Poor Children
  • Care Elephant Near amber fort
  • Computer and English Teaching classes for rural and poor people.

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Be a traveler, a teacher, a conservationist and a humanitarian...  Unique and responsible volunteer and small group adventure programs in India...  Volunteer In India Now!
Volunteer abroad in India
Faith-based Christian Volunteer Projects:
Volunteer in India
Imagine serving the people of India, sharing your life and love with orphans, bringing hope to the destitute, and transforming your life forever. Imagine volunteering in an Indian humanitarian project or orphanage that propels you into a deeper walk of faith and begin friendships that will last a lifetime...

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Popular Projects Available:
  • Agricultural Volunteers
  • Character Training
  • Community & Orphan Care
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Family & Group
  • HIV / AIDS Support
  • Medical Work
  • Photography
  • Short Term & Corporate
  • Sports Coaching
  • Teaching & Education
  • Veterinary
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildlife Research
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