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Volunteer Abroad To The South America Trips | Volunteering Opportunities To South American Projects

Volunteer Abroad Trips To South America | South American Volunteering Opportunities
Short Term Group or Individual Mission Trips For Teens, Adults, Youth Group or Students

We offer rewarding and life-changing Christian volunteering in South America that are may be more economical for groups or individuals coming from North America.  Coming alongside and working together with local communities and churches, our desires for volunteer projects in the locations like Peru, Brazil, Surinam, Colombia,  Argentina, Paraguay, Chile,  Venezuela, and more offer various incredible opportunities for ministry involvement.  Although we may currently not have a project site in certain areas, we are planning to go there. Current projects: Peru

Our Volunteer Projects work with existing, church-based initiatives, ensuring that all ministry and community involvement is ongoing and sustainable. YQI Volunteer Projects are suited to individuals or groups wishing to volunteer on a slightly longer basis (1 – 12 weeks). We offer a ‘hand-up’, not a ‘hand-out’ approach to serving the needs of surrounding communities, to ensure that our programs develop maturity and freedom, not dependency. All volunteers are ‘guided’ through the volunteer experience by committed, on-the-ground with our ministry partner staff.
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Popular Projects Available:
  • Community & Orphan Care
  • Construction Projects
  • Family & Group
  • HIV / AIDS Support
  • Humanitarian Relief or Aid
  • Medical Work
  • Photography
  • Potable Water Projects
  • Short Term & Corporate
  • Sports Coaching
  • Teaching & Education
  • Veterinary
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Wildlife Research

Please feel free to contact us in regards to volunteering individually overseas or specialized team, youth group or other volunteer groups as well.  If you would like to have short-term mission trips, missionaries or volunteers come to your mission, orphanage, school, community projects, church and other areas where we may help, please contact us and fill out this Request For Teams Or Volunteers Form.

It’s our desire to address and meet the needs for the following volunteering topics and locations:  Christian volunteers working with individuals, groups, villages and communities worldwide.
  • Humanitarian projects and relief aid
  • Orphanages serving orphaned children due to war, economic conditions, drought, famine, abandoned youth, and Orphans that have been left due to the death of their parents from Aids, HIV, and other Sicknesses. It’s our vision to serve South America and South American countries such as: Peru, Brazil, Surinam, Colombia,  Argentina, Paraguay, Chile,  Venezuela, and many others.
  • Wildlife and resource management