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Support Letters and Fund Raising
With such a great task at hand, you may start to feel like you have taken a bigger bite than you could possibly chew? Do not worry! We have experience in helping young people raise their funds for a mission trip, and we have found several simple keys to success. Trust us: they work.

Think of the People You Know and listing out names
Get the support of your parents, family and friends. Explain what you will be doing on the mission field and your motivation for going. Share you passion and desire in a short testimony. If your parents have any question about Youth Quests International and would like to speak with us or people who have been involved with us just let us know and we can arrange that for you.

Spread the Word
Set up a meeting with your pastor, youth pastor, or associate pastor. Tell them about the trip and why you have decided to go. Ask for their blessings and support - financially and through prayer. Then, make a list of at least 50 people who you think may be remotely interested in your mission trip. If you can not think of that many, ask your parents for ideas. Compose a letter to your potential supporters that explains what your doing, why and how they can help and have your pastor or someone else you trust critique it. We have tips and sample letters to help you get started in the Fund-raising Letters section.

We can start a Fund raising website for you or your group to direct people if you would like

Think of New Ideas
There's tons of other things you can do to fund-raise. Do not stop with your letters! Start thinking outside of the box.  Please go to our social network for more ideas and sharing what has worked for you: Click Here: Financial Assistance

Any Questions?
Remember, we are here for you. If you need prayer, encouragement, fresh ideas, whatever - just call us that is why we are here!