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Support Letters, Financial Assistance and Fund Raising Ideas
Support Letters:
When your registration is received and processed, a support packet will be sent with the following items:

  • 10 personalized letters of support for the Team you have been accepted in additional to a PDF file with the hard copy of your letter for home print out (A support page with your name and team information on the Youth Quests’ web site is also an option for online donations)
  • A prayer partner sign up sheet
  • Additional information regarding your team and location

Financial Assistance:
  • Upon the completion of your registration process Youth Quests will provide you will a webpage for your Team and a personal page for your support information and links.
  • Other Support and Financial Assistance planning and ideas are available on our social network Click Here.

Donation Instructions
Donations to Youth Quests International should be made payable to "Hope For Youth"
  • Please send a completed Donation Coupon with your ID label along with every donation you send to Youth Quests International.
  • We recommend donations in form of checks because there is no personal record obtained with a cash donation.
  • Copy all checks and Donation Coupons for your own records before sending them.
  • In order for your mission account to reflect the most up to date financial status and to serve your donors in a timely manner, please send checks you receive directly to Youth Quests International no later than 3 days after you’ve received them.
  • If donations do not appear in your missions account within 3 weeks upon being mailed to Youth Quests International, contact your representative with the following information:
Donor’s first and last name as it appears on the check
First and last name of individual signing the check
The check number, account number and the date
*If you are traveling with a group, please contact your group leader before sending any funds.

Please inform your sponsors of the following information:
  • Contributions are NOT refundable nor can the donor or missionary request the contribution be designated for another missionary. All funds donated by sponsors become the exclusive and permanent property of Youth Quests International when received and are at all times under the complete discretion and control of Youth Quests International. Donated funds will be used in furtherance of Youth Quests International purposes for missions work and evangelism.
  • In order for your donation to be tax-deductible, the sponsor CANNOT place your name anywhere on the check. When sponsors send in a check, it should be accompanied by either:
a. Donation Coupon that has the missionary ID number
b. A note with the missionary ID number stating that the gift to Youth Quests
was made as a result of a request by (name of missionary).
If the check happens to be made out to you, please be sure to endorse the check before sending it to Youth Quests International or we cannot apply the funds to your account.

Youth Quests' Cancellation policy:
If the missionary cancels his or her plans to go on a mission trip after the International Ticketing Deadline, 50% or a minimum of the trip costs purchaced to date, of the trip cost will be charged to their account to cover the cost of their airline ticket and other deposits and administrative expenses. If a missionary cancels before the International Ticketing Deadline, no charges will be made other than the deposit and registration fees. Any remaining funds will be held over for one year to send that same missionary or an immediate family member on another Youth Quests trip.

Please send all U.S. funds to: US Postal Address
Youth Quests International
13835 N. Tatum Blvd. #146
Phoenix, AZ 85032
  • And do not forget... Any money sent to Youth Quests International within two weeks of the date you leave for your trip must be sent through a company that provides 1 or 2 day delivery with tracking numbers (Federal Express, UPS, etc.).
  • Do not send any money to Youth Quests International within 3 days of the date you leave for your trip! Please bring those remaining funds with you to turn in upon registration.

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Christian Mission Trips
Adult and Teen Ministries

Our Focus is on Children's Orphanages Abroad such as in Africa, Thailand, Asia, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Haiti, India, Philippines, Russia, and others. We are looking for Christian Youth With A Mission and desire to reach Teens, Orphans, and adults around the world who may be troubled and address their problems and needs.

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