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Adult Missionary Opportunities for Long Term or Intermediate Term Possitions.  Some Short Term Missions. Summer Teams To Foreign Countries may be available.
Share Christ, Work, Mission Trips, Teaching - Church Planting. Christian Missions Trip, Training Missionaries To The World
Helping feed the poor, providing humanitarian projects and needs.

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Missionary Opportunity for the Right Person(s) in Costa-Rica
Your Christian Internships or Missionary Schooling Opportunities Are Available.
Youth Quests International has worked with this mission in Costa Rica for several years in various areas.  The mission has grown in the remote area of northern Costa Rica and there are several areas of opportunities.  One is a Farm Manager and the job discription is in PDF form.  Click here: Farm Manager  

Other areas that are progressing and may need assistance with is working with refugees fleeing violence, churches asking for pastors, and much more.
If you would like the latest News Letters or to go to their website click on the links.
News Letters or go their site Plamas De Mamre to read more about the Mission.
Our desire is to send out equipped adult individuals for long term, internships missions as well as the possibility for some short term trips. These foreign missions will include evangelism, ministry of all forms, building projects and improvements, agriculture, schools, teaching and possibly assisting in orphanages, refugee locations and humanitarian work. In other words, as Paul was, a Tent Maker Missionary so too is the possibility that will be yours as well. The signs and wonders will follow us as we take the love of Jesus to a lost and dying.

International Mission Opportunities Available
We have been asked by many missionaries and ministries worldwide for prayer and send out the call for assistance in many locations. I will just list a few for you. Teaching in China with believers, Helping and training with a remote mission in Northern Costa Rica; Missionary Training School in remote area; Assisting Missionaries in Nepal; Coming along side a Missionary on the Western side of Peru with the ministry that is expanding as the Lord has opened the door for having a school, helping in local schools and of course the Mission and ministry itself.

Christian Missions
Our Focus is on Children's Orphanages Abroad such as in Africa, Thailand, Asia, Guatemala, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Haiti, India, Philippines, Russia, and others. We are looking for Christian Youth With A Mission and desire to reach Teens, Orphans, and adults around the world who may be troubled and address their problems and needs.
Volunteer working on Mission in the remote area of Costa-Rica
Mission in the remote area of Costa-Rica
Mission pasture in the remote area of Costa-Rica
Mission Calves in the remote area of Costa-Rica
Boat Ricd to Mission in the remote area of Costa-Rica