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China Short Term Missions Trip

Chinese Winter Youth Camp - Team #10002

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Teen Missions, Short Term Missions. Summer Teams To Foreign Countries.
Share Christ, Work, Mission Trips, Teaching - Church Planting. Christian Missions Trip, Training Missionaries To The World
Helping feed the poor, providing humanitarian projects and needs.
Tentative Dates: Feb. 1st - Feb. 17th.
This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of people around the world!
Immerse yourself in the friendly Chinese culture of East Asia during your winter and Chinese New Years trip to China. We will take the opportunity to share our lives and testimonies while visiting several unique destinations throughout the country with the Chinese national youth that join us.

We have a genuine desire to reach the younger generation through our training and discipline teachings, including character development. With this Youth Quests cultural adventure, we are bringing an international summer camp to Eastern Asia that will join alongside Chinese young people and visit famous  Chinese
cities such as Beijing (The Great Wall, Summer Palace) Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou and Hong Zhou. United States participants will be given the opportunity to learn in Chinese schools and universities and possible take Chinese language and art classes while there. Since China's economy is growing faster than most countries now, learning the Chinese language and culture might be a big plus for you or your children's future career. This  will be unforgettable trip in your life!
Youth Quests International will participate in teaching a Cultural Adventures Winter Break Camp that promotes strong social behavior development in a positive, caring, energetic and safe environment. Each camp attendant will be involved in activities with their peers and counselors, building both self-confidence and strengthening their teamwork skills. Those in leadership training will have the best of both worlds – traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures and the opportunity to be trained as a camp counselor/teacher for the Chinese children and youth.  They can spent part of their time with the young people, doing camp activities that are custom designed for them and part of their time teamed up with an experienced life coach, learning first hand, the joys and responsibilities helping others. Come and be a part of what YQI is doing and contribute your some of your time to changing lives! Together, we can impact China, one family at a time by introducing a biblical character curriculum that will help produce Godly character in the next generation!

(This contribution amount includes EVERYTHING except tips. (Regular meals, International air ticket, Hotel or Home Stay in BJ, Sightseeing entrance, class fees and a Life Coach 7 days a week/ 24 hours per day…) Please book your flight to LAX in Los Angeles. There are special rates for children under 12. Please contact us if you wish to have a child accompanying you or your child is under 12)

Contributions Estimate Equal To: $1,995.00 U.S. plus Registration Fee
(Minimum total team members size is 10 at this contribution amount. Schedules and team assignments are subject to change for various reasons. If you have any questions please contact

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